OutdoorEvent Area

Outdoor Event Area

HITEX offers a vast outdoor arena with five paved display areas and two open grounds that can host outdoor exhibitions, large social events and gatherings. The display areas can be used as exhibition space or converted in to an additional hall while the open grounds can be used exclusively for outdoor exhibitions. These grounds are ideal for exhibits that demand the flexibility of a large venue.

  • Suitable for exhibits of various sizes
  • 30,000 sq. m. of paved display area
  • 52,000 sq. m. of open grounds
Fair Park

Fair Park is a serene open area exclusively meant for high-profile corporate events and social gatherings. With landscaped gardens and picturesque surroundings, Fair Park is a perfect venue for hosting banquet dinners and intimate meetings.

  • Separate dining area within the park
  • Seating capacity of 3,500 pax
  • Spread across 5000 sq. m.